We understand that although price and benefit features are very important in the selection of your benefits plan, a key component of your program is the service you receive from us...


We would like you to know that we are absolutely thrilled and delighted with your very fine customer service. We so appreciate your amazing prompt response time,  your great product knowledge, and the way you take such good care of us.  

~ Ken S.



We are writing this note to express our gratitude for the excellent service you have provided for our company. We and our staff truly appreciate all you have done to support us over the years. Should you ever have a client who would like to speak with us, please do not hesitate to have them contact us. 

~ Todd H.


We have found Benefitwest to offer  personal services over and above with some of the questions and situations which come forward with a benefits plan. There have definitely been times when they have saved us money by providing us a unique solutions.

~ Robert L.


Thanks so much Will, really appreciate the consistent help you've given us on not only this, but Everything I've ever asked you about. Your attention to customer service on a consistent long term basis, is something that is extremely rare. Please give my name to anyone that may ever ask you for a reference!

~ Jerry T.


 I have never met somebody who is so on point and who made an accountant’s job of doing benefits so easy

~ Andrew K.


 Seriously you’re the only reason why I offer benefits! You make it SO EASY!!! Thank you!!! 

~ Chrysta C.